Headlight Cleaning, Cloudy, foggy and yellowing in Johannesburg, Gauteng for sale

Headlight Cleaning, Cloudy, foggy and yellowing

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Headlight cleaning done while you wait. 10 minutes max. Break through product that uses a sophisticated chemical reactions to remove the whiteness and yellowing on your headlights. Most people think the reason why a headlight changes color is that it is dirty from the inside, which is incorrect as the whiteness is actually outside which is caused by oxidation and the sun over the years
People who restore headlights will scrap and sand the headlights to make them look new but that only damages the headlight's protective layers and the yellowing will be back even worse in a couple of months. Worse still you will be charged R750 upwards. With this solution you only pay R200, the treatment will last you from 1 to several years depending on the weather conditions and there will be no damage to your lights whatsoever.
Instead of changing your lights try this solution 1st. Lot's of satisfied clients.
Call Terence on 0844298852 or Keith on 0760350865