Only Your Thoughts Can Upset You in Johannesburg, Gauteng for sale

Only Your Thoughts Can Upset You

About the Author
Terry Winchester spent his early years challenging the basic tenets of mankind?s spiritual teachings. Why should we struggle when we are told that the mind has no limits and will create whatever we imagine? Is it really true that we are eternal beings who were never born and can never die? Is happiness really within and available to us right now?
Were the great Masters lying to us when they told us these things, or are we just too stupid to listen and enjoy the abundance and happiness that is inherently ours? To this day Terry still finds it hard to believe the amazing things that happened to him as he began to test these principles.
Although the stories you are about to read are truly remarkable, they are no more than a natural consequence of the power of thought. Terry illustrates how simple it is to change our limited thought patterns into miraculous manifestations when we relax and visualize.
Terry says:
?Stop wasting time and be happy!? ?Getting the mind into the relaxed Alpha state is the single most important component of any pursuit towards self-improvement. Without accessing this creative dimension, all efforts to tap into the unlimited resources of the human mind are neutralized by established negative thought patterns.?
Besides being a well-known hypnotherapist, Terry is also a renowned holistic beekeeper in South Africa. The telepathic rapport he has with these amazing creatures has astounded all who have witnessed it. Terry ?talks? to the bees and is able to remove them from inaccessible places without harming them. He truly demonstrates these mind power techniques he teaches and how we are all interconnected - not only to the human kingdom but to animal, plant and mineral kingdoms as well. He is dedicated to saving South Africa?s natural bee population from decimation by exterminators. He has given many radio talks and TV appearances highlighting how these miraculous creatures and their products are essential to the well-being of mankind.
Terry is often invited as a guest on radio and TV to discuss his other great love, which is helping mankind to wake up to the fact that the ?journey? is over and health, wealth and happiness are available to us right now. It is simply a matter of letting go and gravitating back to who we really are.